Ever Forever

I believe that everyone prays to God at least once in their lives. Even if they do not believe that he exists, the one day that they pray will inevitably arrive. All human beings will pray for something. They will wish to pursue it. They will want to reach out and take hold of it. It is something imagined from our affinities and our emotions. Of that much I am certain.


While many have been able to discern from the guesses that have been posted, we at MangaGamer would like to formally announce our new partnership with minori. We will also be collaborating with the fan translation group No Name Losers, to bring to you the many games minori has to offer!  Our first releases under this collaboration will be ef – the First Tale and ef – the Latter Tale, the basis for the two anime ef – A Tale of Memories (2007) and ef – A Tale of Melodies (2008).  While these will be the first titles that come from this new partnership, we hope you will look forward to even more in the future!

To those unfamiliar with the name, minori is a Japanese visual novel company known for their gorgeous visual style and elaborate stories.  No Name Losers was originally a Canadian digital fansubbing group formed in 2002. They focused on minori titles for much of their lifespan, and are now collaborating with us and minori to officially localize their titles into English.

We’ll be doing our best to get these two games out as soon as possible, so I hope everyone enjoys them!

Remember to always keep minority spirit!

232 Responses to Ever Forever

  1. SyncARTS says:

    It’s here!

  2. Aeka-chan says:

    Please, print physical copies of this!

    • drmchsr0 says:

      Recette and Tear demand that you provide their little store with physical copies of this game.

      And I wouldn’t mess with a cute little girl who has enough money to hire a bunch of muscle (and at least one rogue) to get the job done.

    • Ren says:

      I second this demand!

  3. Jubbz says:

    holy shit! Is this for real??

    Minori FINALLY caved in and decided to stop calling us Dirty foreigners and ended their xenophobia?

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. kaitsurinu1991 says:

    YAY! \ o /

  6. Tamad says:

    I think I have just begun to foam from my mouth.

  7. Baru says:

    I’m so getting these~ Thanks MangaGamer! ^^

  8. Ichigo69 says:

    Well, shouldn’t be too long on the release because it’s already translated/edited/QC’d. Just needs game engine work most likely…

  9. Biri says:

    only way I’ll buy this is if you make physical copies fyi.

  10. LefTurn says:

    I’ll take three!

  11. SaMo0204 says:

    Congratulations Mangagamer.
    Now it’s time to sell physical copies. No more shitty digital downloads with DRM.

  12. Moekou says:

    This is such excellent news! I’m so glad everything was settled amicably!

  13. Khilandros says:

    Yay! Grats Mangagamer! Can’t wait to play this one. 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    First of all let me offer you my congratulations. I’m a firm believer in partnerships between fan-translation groups and legit distributors.

    However, let me reiterate the importance of physical copies to most fans. The vast majority of us reading this news have already read NNL’s fan translation of ef. I would *only* consider buying a VN I’ve already read if there was a physical copy involved. Please make it so.

    • Ichigo69 says:

      Seriously, your sales will absolutely go through the roof if you offer physical copies.

      • 7856867 says:

        Maybe. What isn’t debatable is that their costs would also rise. It’s not a free lunch.

        Anyway I’ll be buying these, absolutely.

        • Aeka-chan says:

          So, let them tack on $10 more, I do not think anyone would care paying a little more, as long as it had a nice case, disk print and booklet inside :3

          • 7856867 says:

            $10 wouldn’t even begin to cover it.

            And consider all the people asking for deluxe boxes, CDs, dakimakura… you’re talking $100+ at that point.

    • goldensneer says:

      Completely agreed. I don’t want to pay for a download only of something I’ve already read. I’d be more than willing to buy a physical release, though. Even if it was slightly more expensive.

  15. Y10NRDY says:

    I’m happy to hear this. I dig Minori games and NNL are a great group. HOWEVER, you’re never going to get the support you need from the Western market without hard copies. We want something to put on our shelf. We want our Limited Edition versions with OSTs and dakimakura. If you start taking cues from Glorious Nippon your revenues will multiply a hundredfold. Do some internet research. Hard copies are the only things holding you back. The pirates ships will sink. Just give the collector something to appreciate.

    • sloanereinja says:

      Uhhh stupid question….

      Are you actually willing to pay Japanese prices for all that stuff (e.g. US$95-120) per game?

      And, more importantly, do you know a thousand OTHER people who will do it to justify the numbers required to get all that stuff made up?

      The reason Japanese games come with all that crap is because 1) they sell the numbers to make up for it and 2) Japanese otaku are insane and will buy the game because they like the art, keep the goodies, and sell the disc to the secondhand store without playing the game.

      • Lucian says:

        Chances are if you’re buying ef, you’re already an otaku. What average anime watcher would a) pay for something and b) even know about this? They could offer physical copies while at the same time selling digital copies.

        • sloanereinja says:

          You missed the point entirely.

          The point is that as much as fans want the Japanese special edition release with a soundtrack, hug pillow, and who knows what else in the box that just happens to have an English disc in there, there’s not a quantity of fans willing to pay the Japanese price proportional enough to the Japanese market for it to ever happen.

        • gaudy6523 says:

          Will you be paying for the overhead for all of the physical printings? Or will you be the guy that answers all of the orders and ships out the disks?

          • Matt says:

            Is there no way you guys can print discs on an order to order basis? Obviously I have no idea what the process involves so excuse me if I’m asking a stupid question, but I’d definitely put in a special request for all your games if I could get a hard copy hell even for the ones I already bought. That way if someone wants a hard copy they can order one you guys whip it up and they pay a higher price to cover it and you guys don’t waste money on DVDs that never sold.

          • foopoo says:

            Do what Matt says!

          • Dark_Shiki says:

            You don’t understand how disc pressing works. The minimum press run is 1000 discs. That’s apparently about equal to MG’s TOTAL sales for a game. They can’t just print discs on request. They have to be convinced the 1000 physical copies will sell, or it’s no deal.

            I do think a physical release will improve sales, and they’ll eventually be able to sell their inventory for big-name titles. For a game like Ef, which many fans have already played, it’ll be important to have a physical release to retain EXISTING customers. If you don’t give such people SOMETHING extra over the previous fan release, they’re not going to be interested in buying this. This wouldn’t be a problem if you were reaching out to people outside this small group of fans–but unfortunately that does not appear to be the case so far.

            I’d hate to see this localization deal spoiled by the fan release “leech effect”–you have to do your best to combat this. I think a physical release would help.

          • Matt says:

            Yeah.. I didn’t know it worked that way it’s really too bad. All these quotas that need to be met it really sucks.

  16. agro says:

    I really can’t see spending money on The First Tale considering how short it is and the fact that I’ve already read it, but I’ll definitely purchase The Latter Tale.
    Hopefully you guys will be able to release the two parts relatively close to each other.

  17. ReMeDy says:

    That OP was awesome. I favorited it.

  18. Kvain says:

    I will be buying both, regardless of whether physical or digital. I’m looking forward to these. Keep up the great work.

  19. DarkFusion says:

    A good thing I put the fanlation on the back burner after its release. As a show of good faith, and so I won’t be spoiled, I will now delete the program from my drive and await the official release.
    To MG and NNL, I don’t know how you negotiated this (you guys must have high paragon skills (sorry Bioware fanboy) but thank you and congratulations.
    To minori, welcome aboard, with the anti-foreigner thing now water under the bridge, you’ve earned yourselves some loyal customers (including me).
    I can guarantee that I’ll buy both parts of EF as they come out and I hope we’ll see the release of Tenshi no Nichiyoubi, Eden*, Angel Type,Haru no Ashioto, and Bittersweet Fools.
    Again, congrats. Now go team up with Moogy and Nephrin to negotiate for Akabesoft2/Akatsuki Works’ eroge, lol

  20. Person says:

    Will any of these upcoming releases come in all-ages versions? 🙂

  21. DarkFusion says:

    Took a look at the demo movie (good thing I only played 5 minutes of the fanlation) and was subsequently blown away. That opening was almost cinema quality, and we’re getting a high class game like this….
    Uh, can anyone remind me what’s coming out at the end of January? I seem to have forgotten…

  22. Nakura says:

    Please release some physical copies of these!!! I will definately be getting them!!!!

  23. X-Calibar says:

    If only there could be a limited edition JP release type box… But I guess I won’t complain, a DVD case isn’t so bad… especially if you can make it pretty and shiny… [I bought Eden* it sure is a nice looking box.]

    Hmm… I’m not sure about buying soley digital, although I might. I would be much more inclined, if there was an upgrade program though… [in the event that you release hardcopies… and they are not low priced like Higurashi and KiraKira all-ages]…
    Buy the digital copy and you can purchase the DVD at reduced price… That’d be incentive!

    Oh… and awesome news… Minori takes the plunge… never thought I’d see the day ;D
    I haven’t played any of their games yet, but if they are good enough; it could be a great way to advertise VNs in the west. I always thought they had the kind of mainstream anime art appeal that could attract those who know nothing about these games. Now you just need to get a nice release, nice feedback, and get the right advertisement somewhere to catch attention. Don’t mess up a chance like this to grow in a big way 😀

    [Now someone license those ef anime on blu-ray…]

  24. YIZHI says:

    Hey, I met some of your guys in OTAKON at the beginning of August. I am a Chinese student now studying in a university in USA . I also participated in making the Chinese version of the ef-series(as a translator) .Now the fandisc of ef is also being translated into Chinese. I am very glad that the English version of this game is going to be realized. You guys really did a good job and please keep fighting~~~

  25. Anon says:

    So where do I preorder? You guys really need money to print DVDs, don’t you?

    Also, please get rid of that SUPAH!!1oneone thingy in your release. It’s not funny.

    • Anon says:

      I see, NNL have already replied to the last part.

      Now, the law is The Law, so everyone’s adult now. Fine, it’s not like you’ve never published, ahem, “alternative” versions. However, Japanese censorship doesn’t apply to the Netherlands; does this mean we’re getting uncensored images?

      • kouryuu9 says:

        Well, the only game we’ve ever released without uncensored images was Suika, and that’s only because the original images were lost. ^_^;;

        So I’d say it’s perfectly safe to hope for ’em!

        • boingman says:

          I hope so. Wouldn’t be very funny if minori refused to provide the uncensored cg’s to “protect the japanese market and avoid reverse imports” or something.

  26. Le_Chimp says:

    question will you be releasing it as the First Tale and ef – the Latter Tale or ef – The tale of the two(as NNL released it)

    Also if it is the 2 separate you going a simultaneous release(preferably with a twin pack) or you going to spit them.

  27. Flare says:

    Wow, who would have thought?

    Even though I have NNL’s full release (only read Chapter 1 and 5 so far), I’ll probably buy this legit release just to support minori and hopefully encourage them to put *eden and other future releases on our shelves.

    As people have already commented on, I would prefer the option of a hard copy. A digital version bypasses delivery costs, waits and production costs but, imho, it doesn’t leave us with the feeling of an “authentic” product. I would gladly pay a small premium just for this.

  28. DarkFusion says:

    Here’s info from NNL’s website:
    “2010.09.27. ef – a fairy tale of the two gets an official release

    It’s a dream come true! Negotiations between No Name Losers and minori have been successful, and ef will soon be distributed through Mangagamer. Mangagamer has a full lineup of releases until February 2011, so please wait until then!

    We are thrilled to be finally co-operating with minori. A few months ago, if anyone told you that minori and No Name Losers would reconcile, you’d give them a funny look! But here we are today, in a landmark moment that will hopefully repair any lingering tensions between minori and their western fans! Our most sincere thanks goes to Mr. nbkz Sakai, the CEO of minori, and bamboo, the CEO of OVERDRIVE. They were the ones who made this all possible.

    There will be a number of changes from the fansubbed version in order to accomodate a broader audience:

    – ef will be split into the original “first tale” and “latter tale” versions. It was our desire to keep the versions merged, but minori requested this.

    – Translation has to step up to professional grade, so we can’t throw in any more junk text blocks. As a result, localization will be tighter: no more Iraqi journalists or SUPAHs! Hurrah!

    – Our previous honorific guideline was confusing for many people. To correct this, honorific usage will be streamlined instead of having exceptions for Chihiro and Mizuki. Idiosyncrasies of characters, such as Yuuko’s weird mannerisms (she uses -masu form to the point of annoyance), will be retained.

    – Certain terminology and vocabulary will be changed to comply with western laws. All characters are 18 or over!

    – Bad end 5, the fake ending that was included for humor, must sadly be removed. Here is the script, free of charge! Special thanks to tester zerokirby15 for providing such wonderful fan fiction.

    – Now that we have minori’s support, the technical issues we encountered will hopefully be fixed. Memories (flashback) and configuration will completely work!

    The following still needs to be discussed with minori:

    – Enhancements (transition speeds/upsampled music/compression)
    – Prerelease fandisc (First Fan Disc/Second Fan Mix) content”

    Please hug bamboo for me

  29. Asrialys says:

    So I guess my guess was correct when I saw that “coded” Tweet some time ago…

  30. Eater-of-All says:

    Holy shit. I never thought I’d live to see the day.

    Am I allowed to assume that Eden* will follow shortly as well? :>

  31. Pirkaf says:

    I think this is a big breaktrough. One of the most notorious gaijin hating eroge companies will sell through Mangagamer. Yay!

  32. Kinneas says:

    I am pleased 🙂

  33. pondrthis says:

    minori art = win
    makoto shinkai OPs = win
    TENMON violin solos = win
    minori art [of naked girls] = win

    Hmm… you know, I think I’ll have no problem paying twice for two overpriced halves of one absurdly, stupidly amazing game. Even without hard copies. But let me finish the G-Senjou no Maou project before people start bugging ABS2 about jumping on this epic bandwagon MG has created…

    • Kaisos says:

      The project hasn’t moved in over a month…

      • pondrthis says:

        Really? Because I can SWEAR that me and TNA have been finalizing scripts… wrong person to quote project progress to, I’m afraid ^.^

        Check the username. Just because I don’t like posting updates and getting people hyped for a patch that might get delayed X number of months doesn’t mean there isn’t progress. But in the next week or so, we might have something good for you~~~

  34. 名無しさん says:

    minori main website is still blocking foreigners.

    enjoying our concentration camp?

  35. Marek says:

    My money is eagerly waiting for the chance to move to your pockets in exchange for a hard copy of this.

  36. unkind says:

    if they sell the 2nd half of ef for 30 bucks or less i’ll buy it, i’d pay 50 for a hardcopy.

  37. denvise says:

    Ohh Please god , give us physical copies this time.
    I just got KiraKira and Higurashi as “real in hand” versions and it feels great to have them now forever in my bookshelf.
    *My Pc crashes a lot so I really need a disc version or else I might lose it later*

  38. skarlath says:

    Wow…great news 😀

    Can’t wait for your release. On another note, I’m not sure where to ask this, but i thought i might as well as here, are you guys going to release Da Capo Plus Communication? If so when would we be able to expect it, after Da Capo II or before?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work ^^

  39. lolipedofin says:

    Release a physical copy, and both the first and latter tale, will be the first eroge i actually paid to get… assuming you release them before I’m going to Japan next year tho… ^^

    Please release this with all the glorious tidbits the Japanese fans are treated with…. We want equal treatment here!! Do do, and I don’t mind smuggling these babies to Singapore for my personal enjoyment… lol.

  40. Hamu-Sumo says:

    Congratulations MangaGamer! This is really a breaking news collaborating with a (former) fan group!

  41. Yagami says:

    First partnership with a translator group,it’s marvelous *o*

  42. the-emh says:

    HUZZAHZ for everyone involved in this joining. i have been following NNL since they did wind, and i never expected them to be serious enough to pull this off (seeing as they tend to be MASSIVE trolls) major props to NNL for sucking it up and not continuing that massive shitfight back when minori first objected.

  43. Matt_D says:

    Awesome, although I have to quote my buddy

    “…fully voiced, but minus all the images this time?”

    Anyway I look forward to the releases.

  44. anon says:

    I wouldn’t be so happy, ef is a mediocre title and NNL are mediocre translators. Stop releasing old third-rated crap and give us something fresh… or at least not so crappy.

  45. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations, I was just thinking yesterday that I really want to play these games!

  46. yakumolove says:

    bravo !

  47. says:


  48. Arm_kun says:

    all hail minori!

  49. Arietta says:

    When will we be able to view minori’s “real” website? I hope they don’t plan to keep the overseas one up unless it becomes an English version of their site. Otherwise, it won’t change the fact we’re being blocked.

  50. DarkFusion says:

    So what steps will there be in localizing this considering how far NNL went when they fanlated the two games? I know that the translated material will need to be looked over and all for accuracy and editing, but what about the system part? Is this going to be on the standard system MGs games run on or will it its own thing like Koihime Musou?

    • kouryuu9 says:

      NNL is revising their translation, double checking and making the changes listed on their site. We’ll look over/edit what’s presented and then it’s off to minori.

      minori will be handling all the script insertion, converting Musica to work with English text so that it can be used with possible future releases as well.

  51. magusdm says:

    For all you guys wanting physical copies check out this post on the forums that a rep from Hen Da Ne posted: http://mangagamer.site11.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=861
    Looks like there is a possibility if things go well with physical copy sales at HDN, MangaGamer might be able to get more of their games out to us that way.

    • Marek says:

      Certainly nice. Now if only they’d add the rest of EU to the places they deliver to as well, then I’d actually be able to order a possible physical copy too.

      • kouryuu9 says:

        Seems more like they simply haven’t added them to the list yet. I’m sure if you e-mail them about it you can do so.

        • Marek says:

          True, their site says to contact them to find a way to add your country as well. Of course, adding more than just mine would be still nice. But I’m sure they can do this.

          And since the reply came from you, I guess there is some hope for a physical copy.

    • goldensneer says:

      That’s glorious news. Selling physical copies would definitely attract some new potential buyers!

  52. magicalgirlj says:

    yes I love you MG, I love you

  53. YIZHI says:


  54. Pirate-sama says:

    there is already an unofficial english patch for this game

  55. Zor1 says:

    Whoa, an uncensored, physical release really WOULD be awesome! *-*
    I’d buy both games, even though I already have the latter tale lying around!
    And if it’s just for the sake of eden* being released as well.

    Just please – a physical release and, even more important, an uncensored version! That’d be so great!

  56. Dark_Shiki says:

    I have to hand it to Mangagamer – you just made pigs fly. I’m looking forward to supporting this. +1 hope for a physical release.

  57. Stormiharu says:

    Sounds Interesting!

  58. Immir says:

    Wonderful, I am very excited about this. I love some of these games enough to buy even without being able to read them, so count me in. I would love a physical copy but will buy either way!

  59. Bickford says:

    I really don’t care if it’s uncensored or not. I’ve already played NNL’s unofficial release, however, if there is a physical release, I will DEFINITELY buy. If it’s download only then I will PROBABLY buy it. When all the hints were being dropped, I was really hoping eden* would be the release, but I am more than OK with a more polished off version of ef.

    This is the best news that has occurred within the visual novel scene in a while.

  60. haha says:

    you go to a japanese bar

    they wont let you in the room. saying theres another room prepared for you gaijins as the main room is for japanese only. and you happily suck their cock and go to another room which serves less shit than the main room, and is really dirty, and no hot waitress girls but instead its a self service. all of this with the same price as the main room.

    thats what buying minori title feels like.

    • haha-reply says:

      you go to a seminar

      you hear a professor lecture about his specialty, then you walk outside and see a hobo screaming about 9/11 conspiracies

      that’s what listening to the above post feels like.

    • Kinneas says:

      Were you planning on playing it in original Japanese or something?

      Because I mean, buying the official localised English version, uncensored (unlike the original) sounds like a good deal to me.

      Maybe it’s just me.

  61. Swiftnissity says:

    So is there a rough release date for these titles? Since Ef is already translated and all. Even knowing before/after Koihime would be handy.

    • Hamu-Sumo says:

      NNL is saying we have to wait until February 2011 at least because MG’s schedule is full with other games until then.

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Yes, our release schedule is rather full until after Koihime Musou so it won’t be released before then. As for how long afterwards–that all depends on how much work minori has to do to their engine and how long it takes them.

  62. pondrthis says:

    How can people play a minori eroge and “not care” whether this golden opportunity gets released uncensored or censored? The art is flipping incredible, even during sex scenes. The censorship is distracting.

    Oh, wait. Waaaait. Wind had that brilliant “ghost dick” censorship, where during fellatio scenes the male organ is transparent. That’s another story, because 1) it has comic effect and 2) I’d rather see the girl’s tongue than the dude’s wang. Oh, now I feel conflicted~~~

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Usually in the case of “ghost dick” the thing was never drawn in the first place, and uncensoring the image doesn’t magically add something which was never there to begin with.

  63. Ryoga says:

    I am interested by digital copy but I am worried because DRM often mean a lot of problems (assassin’s creed pc version by example).

    • sloanereinja says:

      Our DRM is about as unobtrusive as it gets – have never heard of problems from it, and if you run out of legit installs, you can email support and get a new code sent out.

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Our DRM doesn’t even require you to maintain an internet connection–only that you be logged into the internet when you first activate the game.

    • Dark_Shiki says:

      It triggers some anti-virus software and has an install limit of 5 installs. Otherwise it’s unobtrusive as far as digital release DRM goes.

  64. moichispa says:

    Congratulations about this. I hope this will be just one of the big things that you will do in the future.

  65. kougeki says:


    (never thought that minori will talk to a foreigner ever again since that day…)

    • Passerby A says:

      Oh come on. You actually believe what is been post in those bulls site? If so i Believe that you think you are a dirty foreigner.

  66. N4sh1 says:

    Biggest news til present date. Finally the eroge market is opening, overflow working with sekaiproject, minori working with MG and NNL.. This are indeed awesome, magnificent news.

    I will buy ef as soon as it comes out. I’ve played it already with the NNL translation but, who cares. We need to do our best to support this, the future of the western VN market is in our hands now. We can’t blame those 日本人 anymore.

    Congrats MG.

  67. Dragonchaser says:

    Finally i remember requesting this series when mangagamer first opened and its finally here :). I can’t wait to see how well its done. I also hope that the voice acting will be kept intact so that we can enjoy the game to its fullest.

  68. a says:

    Why is minori.ph still blocking foreigners?

    • foopoo says:

      You don’t like the amazing overseas site with one picture!?
      How dare you!

    • Dark_Shiki says:

      They’re still going by the philosophy that allowing unrestricted access to foreigners represents a liability of some sort (legal? political? social?). They must believe it’s the localization company’s job to make region-appropriate websites for the games they localize. Now that they’ve proved their sincerity, I’d say it’s an acceptable (but odd) explanation.

      • lol says:

        and you still buy into their shit?

        they dont want to serve you period. if they want to do business with us then THEY NEED TO SERVE US

        • gaudy6523 says:

          Since when has the Japanese homepage of an eroge company ever served us? Minori is probably the first to ever have a page acknowledging that their games are going to be in English.

    • DarkFusion says:

      Well, it’s their site, they can do whatever they want with it now that they’re letting us have their games. If you want a look at the company’s other games there’s plenty of alternatives besides minori’s site, you know.

  69. Jan says:

    Drop the limited activations and it’s an instant buy.

    • gaudy6523 says:

      And Manga Gamer is going to stop people from just putting it on the net, how? You’re asking them to remove what little protection they have left from piracy. The DRM as it stands now, isn’t at all intrusive and you have five activations. How many computers do you intend to install it on?

      • denvise says:

        Yes five is enough now, but what about in five-ten years??
        I still play nes/famicom games that are soon going to be 30 years old.
        Plus I like a trophy in my bookshelf, so please MG make real physical copy’s of your big titles…
        I don’t get it why kirakira is released on disc but Da Capo and Shuffle is not.
        Very frustrating!

        • foopoo says:

          Because those were made for Otakcon…
          For advertisement

        • kouryuu9 says:

          Because those hard-copies were a test, and they haven’t sold very well yet? Despite being available in a number of locations such as HenDaNe

          Perhaps if they sell well, you’ll be able to see hard copy releases of more…

        • gaudy6523 says:

          How many computers do you intend to go through in five-ten years? 20? 30?

          As it stands, the DRM is already pretty lenient. Last year, I’ve had to replace almost half the parts in my machine due to a burned out motherboard that took some parts with it and only one of the three Manga Gamer games required me to re-enter my activation code.

    • kouryuu9 says:

      You do realize that if you run out of activations, you can just e-mail our support for a new code, right? Once they check your MG account and make sure you own the game, it’s very easy to reissue a new activation code. The only problem is if you do something suspicious like burning through them too fast.

      • Jan says:

        I reformat my PC for general maintenance a few times per year, but my main concern is that you might not be around anymore. Mangagamer is a fairly niche company and could easily go bankrupt at some point (no offense).

        One suggestion would be a tool to at least deauthorize and regain an activation upon uninstallation (like EA), not counting multiple activations on the same hardware (like iTunes) or a promise to provide a DRM removal patch if you ever should go out of business (like Steam).

        It’s a long way to February, I hope you’ll consider a different way to protect your products.

        • kouryuu9 says:

          Well, if you’re that worried about DRM, then you can at least pick up our hard-copies of Higurashi and Kira Kira from Hen Da Ne the hard copies had no DRM.

          • Matt says:

            Is the all ages Kira Kira the only one in hard copy form? I wonder why I never heard anything about this before.

          • kouryuu9 says:

            Yeah, The Kira Kira they’re currently offering is the All Ages one. It’s part of the run we printed for AX and Otakon this year. Likewise, they have the Question Arcs for Higurashi as well.

          • Jan says:

            Sorry, not interested in those titles at all.

  70. foopoo says:

    Will be buying both in hope for other minori games!

  71. denvise says:

    Why does Play-Asia.com not sell Kira and “when they cry”?
    I got some of those other games from there PC-hentai section.
    I already got the those two, but if future minori hard copy’s is based on how these two do, then more stores need to sell them, so that numbers go up.

    I’m gonna spread this news on Swedish forums/ C U

  72. foopoo says:

    Ah this game made me cry ._.”

    You guys gotta buy it! ^________^

  73. artybubles says:

    This is great news although I played the other translation by nnl I will deffinently buy and support the localazation of all the minori games you realese

  74. Jack says:

    Is this game pornographic stuff? Or it’s more like Higurashi?

    • foopoo says:

      It has low sexual content.

      • Jack says:

        Is the sexual content have to do with the story or it’s just sex for the sake of throwing pornography in a visual novel?

        • Matt says:

          Though I’ve never played it I’m pretty sure this Isn’t some random sex romp.

        • Lout-kun says:

          That’s really kind of an opinion based question.
          For me, save for sex-romps and a few other titles, the pornographic material in visual novels generally ties into the story, i.e. a typical scenario the protagonist gets closer to another character and their relationship deepens and the line between friendship becomes something more. The protagonist then becomes involved in the other character’s life and tries to help them overcome a certain obstacle.

        • foopoo says:

          I’ll put it this way
          The sex scenes are important for some scenes in the plot.

  75. ProcionA says:

    Good news! But I still want to enter the original minori site without proxies. Do they still consider us as filthy gaijins?

  76. Astraea says:

    /support localization + works for (only and for) & buy eroge.

  77. LIGHTDX says:

    Woa. This seems pretty god. I want to play it. Man, i’m a New visual novel fan. I have a lot to watch.

  78. Justin iZ Here says:

    physical copies would be nice, but i also like digital download on some less popular titles…just me probably xD

  79. Eszthryll says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated ‘Tales of Memories’. I wept while watching because I sustained a brain injury in 2000 and there were too many similarities between the character Chihiro and my own life. In my case it has been 10 years of learning, forgetting, relearning and being afraid to step out into a world I don’t remember. However, it is the graceful, sensitive and life giving works like this that make me believe that I am not destined to live a life of pain, fear and regret, but instead a life full of love, warmth and compassion. Thank you once again.

  80. L says:

    I’m also in for a physical copy of the 2 games, as well the pleasure box. While we are there please also translate the PS2 version and make physical copies too. 😀

    Also, is eden being planned to be translated too?

  81. tommy Hwang says:

    Approximate release date? Which version to be released?

  82. Rin says:

    I am looking forward to playing these wonderful games~

  83. Stefano says:


    Please, translate and release the fandisc, too.

  84. supertrf says:


  85. TrunkMonkey says:

    Hurrray!!! – I can’t wait to be able to finally support such excellent works.

  86. ctb says:

    Hey is there a chance that You will release first game this year? Im asking this because aside of this post from sep 2010 here I can’t find any info about it. I hope this project wasn’t chanceled ?

  87. supertrf says:


    • Nurio says:

      Yeah, I think so too!

      (What were you saying? Google Translate gives: Kyosuke 那种 啊 交给 渣滓 landscape features 怎么 bunch! ! ! 啊 heaven, and our landscape!)

      • David Sh says:

        Did you try Chinese (since there are no kana here)? I get “Introduction to Beijing, how can the kind of landscape waste ah! ! ! My God, my King!!!”

      • supertrf says:

        Oh, I’m saying:”How can the Minori give Kei to Kyousuke who is a bad man”
        Oh my Kei!
        (I love Kei and I think Kyousuke can’t compare to Kei…he is out of her league)
        Well, I think Kei in game ef-a tale of two is best!

        As you know:
        新藤 景 Kei Shindou
        堤 京介 Kyosuke Tsutsumi

    • gaudy6523 says:


      • supertrf says:


    • aplot says:


    • yoyo says:


  88. blueskydreams says:

    I was wondering….will both parts of EF be Fully Voiced?

    • supertrf says:

      I wonder it has been conveyed here.

    • fuji says:

      Minori is responsible for all VA’s.


      • supertrf says:

        I only know that Minori followed VA ban the visits from other countries except NIPPON.
        But what do you mean? I can’t understand. Can you explain more clearly?

        • gaudy6523 says:

          Minori blocked IPs outside of Japan from viewing their main site; the issue of voice actors (VA’s) is a different matter.

          Minori owns the rights to the voices of their games so it’s up to them whether or not to license their usage, not a third-party like the case with Kara no Shoujo. At this time, only the first tale is undergoing testing as NNL indicates, and barring any unseen issues suddenly befalling the project, it will be fully voiced.

  89. fred says:


  90. Octber says:


  91. key fans club 2011 says:


  92. yoyo says:

    不过从这里看来全世界的ACG爱好者们都是很有爱的喵> <

  93. yoyo says:

    上个星期还不用的说= =

  94. Densebrain says:

    Oh Wow! My god! This is good news. At least we can access some information about Minori and their products. I usually use the website for research to decide whether a product has an interesting enough story to buy.

    I am guessing this website is still a watered down version of what should be available on their main japanese website but I hope this website can provide jsut as much product information rather than being a website that is almost purely for advertising…

    This is a Minori website is it not?

  95. qdaqd says:


  96. jonnyr says:

    Will you make the pleasurable box too?

  97. TrunkMonkey says:

    Hmm.. Almost 2 years now.. will we live long enough to see this one released?

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