Magical Teacher Giveaway!

Want some extra motivation to dive into Mammary-tastic MILFs and Lonely Lolis? You can now enter a contest to win a free copy of Magical Teacher! Entries are being taken at Sankaku Complex and Japanator!

5 Responses to Magical Teacher Giveaway!

  1. John Titor says:

    Release Wanko to Kurasou! Do it (I know you want to)!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bad idea about Sankaku Complex, no offense, but everyone including their admin have the brain of monkeys. I’m not sure what you are trying to do, promoting yourself on this site.

  3. moetaku says:

    looking at those comments……..boy and those guys hang out there day to day? Those guys sound like idiot westerners you’ll find on any anti-Japanese media website.

    The free 5 copies are wasted there MG, seriously consider for your free giveaways. At least the users there will give props for a company bringing stuff like this over to the western market. Also most users there are interested in anything related to the otaku subculture so what’s to lose?

    Why not do a giveaway of Harukoi or dengeki stryker at heck, why not do a deardrops giveaway through

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of brainless trolls or just people who have a tiny brain.
      I find it a shame to waste free stuffs on people from that site. You just got to see every articles to notice most of the people there aren’t particulary intelligent and are usually not even mentally (and probably not legally either) adults, so that explains the horrible immaturity from most of the comments there…

  4. silvercitizen says:

    Can we enter on both sites?

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