This blog is MangaGamer’s Staff Blog. We will probably discuss aspects of translation and editing as well as news, details, previews, and more for the products we offer.

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  1. CustomER says:

    Hi, I was always wondering how these Visual Novels are uncensored, I was trying few things, but never accomplished such good results as are for example in Shera, my witch… So I would like to ask you, how do you do it? Please tell me if you can, I would really appreciate any information you can tell me… Thank you.

    • gaudy6523 says:

      First you call up the company that created the game, tell them you want to pay them a really large sum of money to get the rights to localize and distribute the game to a foreign audience. Then you ask REALLY nicely, for them to provide the original art without the mosaic for the H scenes, and if they resist, throw more money at them until they do it. Contrary to popular belief, the original, unreleased art for most of these games were uncensored.

      • butterflydream says:

        Just curious, how do you program the translation into the game? Do you get special programmers and need certain software/tools?

        • Nurio says:

          Usually you send the translated script to the developer, and they’ll program it in.

          I’m not entirely sure about this, though.

  2. CustomER says:

    That sounds like BIG business… I was wondering if there is a chance of resizing these pixels using fractals or somehow like that… So you are sure, that this is not possible?

  3. CustomER says:

    You Mangagamer do it like that? That you pay them a lot of money and they give you these H scene pictures?

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Basically, yes. We pay a licensing fee, royalties, etc. as required to satisfy copyright laws, the price of which is established through corporate negotiations. In exchange they give us the scripts, the original CGs, etc. We translate the scripts, images that need translating, and program the new scripts into an engine we have license to use, several other processes and then we distribute the game in English.

      • Shinzou says:

        About how much do they ask for? Can’t you just pay them a percentage of the profits?

        • EvoSpace says:

          Yes we can pay them a percentage of the profits, but the deal depends on individual contracts. There’s a rate we offer and a rate they demand etc.

  4. NeedEnglishRei says:

    I’d reeeeeally like to know if you guys are translating Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei as well. There hasn’t really been any confirmation yet, and I was really curious.

    And I was also wondering if Matsuribayashi will include all the previous Kai games like they did in Japan.

  5. PORNWITPLOT says:

    That would be awsome if you guy tranlate higurashi rei

  6. PORNWITPLOT says:

    also is mangagamer thinking about translating other shuffle games like tick tack and really really

  7. SpacePaw says:

    I was wondering if you sell only japanese games? Is it possible to submit english-language visual novel to your site? For example a high-quality indie game?

  8. YorikoFan says:

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing Da Capo from your website. I am a large fan of the Da Capo anime (D.C.,D.C. S.S., D.C. I.F., D.C. I.I. etc…)And I am a fan of one character in particular.Yoriko Sagisawa (aka Misaki)and I am having buyers doubt. Does the orignal Da Capo visual novel contain Yoriko Sagisawa (misaki)route or is that just in Da Capo Plus Communication? (which I havent seen in your games section..)Any clarification will help out alot (The Trial Version Left me hungry for more!!)btw will you release Da Capo Plus Communication? (cant wait for D.C. I.F. to come out!) Thank you for any help.

    • gaudy6523 says:

      Yoriko (Misaki) is a “secret” character on the original Da Capo. You unlock her story path along with Miharu’s after you run through everyone’s stories.

      • YorikoFan says:

        Thank you for your help! another small question do you have to be a registered member to purchase a game? and download it, And if you make your account in the “all ages” section of the website can i acess the adult section? or does it require that i make my account in the adult section in order to download such games as Sukia Da Capo etc…

        • gaudy6523 says:

          Making an account is free so I don’t see why being a registered member would be an issue. I made one on the adult section and I can access it from the all-ages section so I’d imagine that one account gives you access to both sides.

  9. YorikoFan says:

    One last question, The orignal Da Capo will have all 12 Heroins right?(all characters like kudo tamaki and alice etc)or do they only appear in a different Da Capo game (ex Da Capo Plus Communication)

  10. gaudy6523 says:

    The original has the six listed on the website plus Yoriko…

  11. cedge says:

    are u guys going to get “deardrops” from over drive? and when?

  12. YorikoFan says:

    Will you release Da Capo Plus Communication/Situation?

  13. aws33 says:


    I wondered if you’re in need of any Japanese->English translators? I tried having a look around on your website for contact details, but couldn’t find anything specific. Do you have an address to send a CV/related information?


  14. Azada says:

    Couldn’t realy find any contact info so i figure i’d post this here. I just want to say thank you to all of the staff at mangagamer for all of your hard work. I know this isn’t realy a stable industry and i realy apreciate the work you put in translating for all the fans. keep it up. I look forward to de cappo 2 and koihime musou 😉

  15. Konata says:

    i have played higurashi no naku koro ni and all chapter of higurashi no naku koro kai. i think it is one of the best visual novels out there.
    so, i have read recently that higurashi no naku koro matsuri got released for PS2 a time ago. is there anything known if you will translate it in some time to english and/or porting it to PC? i’m looking forward for it.

  16. Cedge says:

    When Will “deardrops” be done? I can’t Wait pleazzzz tell

  17. Blake Hale says:

    Excuse me, I was just wondering if you guys were having any thoughts about Tick! Tack! Thank you

  18. SoRa0710 says:

    Excuse me MangaGamer staff.. do you plan on getting the game
    “Flyable Heart” ?? if you do.. then please notify me as soon as possible.. this is a great game to play..

    I sincerely thank you

  19. demi says:

    excuse me,
    i’d like to ask…um…
    well let’s just go to the point

    i download something from mangagamer.com but suddenly there’s a black-out, so my computer got shutdown too. (the download already 80% complete)

    then, when i try to re-connect
    and resuming the download, the download manager (i use idm)
    said that it can;t resume the game and ask me to download it from the begining.

    is it true that we can’t resume any download from mangagamer.com whatever size is the file ?

    i mean, it’s okay if it’s only 1 – 2 MB but, just imagine when you downlaod something around 1-2 GB while your download speed only 45kb/s and when you reach 80%, something happen and make you need to resume the download but you can’t.

    imagine what will you feel then ?

    i search around google, and found some people with the same problem (cannot resume the download)

    if it’s true, would you please be kind enough to do something about it ?

    thank you
    (sorry my english is bad)

  20. zach says:

    i was wondering if it would be at all possible for shuffle! to be used on a mac

  21. EmperorAce says:

    I have been trying to find anyone that can translate i game for me and i was wondering if you would be kind enough to translate it.
    the game is Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de from Minato Soft.
    I can wait as long as it takes if you are willing to translate it.

  22. Hey manga gamer.

    I’ve tried to get in touch with you, regarding possible promoting your games in Denmark, through the danish comic and manga magazine that I’m publishing: http://comicparty.dk/
    unfortunately, my mails keeps hitting the spamfilter, and I was wondering if you could get in touch with me on trieu@comicparty.dk ?

  23. Ryan Cairns says:

    I was wondering if you are going to be translating Shuffle Essence+ considering you have already done Shuffle as i would love to play this game?

  24. orbiter says:

    So did MangaGamer ever consider removing DRM from their releases? I’m sorry but until DRM is purged it’s not worth it. Your releases get cracked anyway so why screw your customers?

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Our hard copies are DRM-free, so I suggest you look towards those if you have an exceptionally strong aversion to DRM. If our hard copies do well, then we’ll be able to print and release more DRM-free hard copies.

      • orbiter says:

        Yeah I actually searched for “drm” after I posted that comment and saw that you guys are selling physical copies without DRM. Unfortunately at the moment there aren’t many to choose from. But good luck with those sales, I’ll be back when the digital versions are getting the DRM free treatment. Cheers! Good luck again!

  25. Octber says:


  26. zach says:

    hey i was wondering if Shuffle! would be able to run on a mac? ive read the manga and seen the anime and would like to play the game to see where it all started.

  27. Caelistas says:

    Hi, will mangagamer allow more payments options in the future? Cause creditcard is not an option for me.

    I’d really like to buy a couple of visual novels from you but i only do online transactions with paypal, it’s fast, easy and safe.

    If you could get back on about this i’d appreciate it.

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Paypal is the one who won’t let us use their services (They don’t allow for purchases involving erotic content). Though it does not have to be a credit card. Pre-paid Visa Debit cards are also an acceptable form of payment.

      However, you’re more than welcome to look at our hard copies.

      • Caelistas says:

        Thanks for the quick reply

        That’s to bad, didn’t know that paypal doesn’t allow such things :p

        How is the payment option different with your hard copy selection? It has the same creditcard payment option… or am i overlooking something. Cause i REALLY would want to have those 2 da capo limited editions 🙂

        I’ll look into getting a pre-paid visa card.

  28. Liberator101 says:

    Hello I was just wondering is MangaGamer coming to Anime Weekend Atlanta cause thats the nearest convention to me. And I would love to see yall there! And shake your hand! 🙂

  29. Lily says:

    Umm…I was just wondering. Well, does Mangagamer ever plan to release Otome games? I mean, bishojo games are fun and all, but I am a girl, and would really enjoy buying some otome games in English ( instead of you know, dealing with EngRish patches all the time)

  30. YorikoFan says:

    Dear mangagamer staff,

    I am wondering if you can find, and translate/sell this game called “Ringetsu” made by Selen. It is a eroge game made in 2004. If you do manage to get rights to translate this game and sell it I a will certainly purchase it without a doubt from you guys!

  31. warman343 says:

    I’ve got a problem with starting a game up that i have played without any problems up until now. As i start the game this error comes up:

    [1911] Failed to issue Authentication code.

    I’ve checked the site in the Q&A’s but got nothing, is there anyway to fix this?

    I hope it was ok to post this here.

    • Liberator101 says:

      I think u should send them this message on thier email, cause i dont think they check here that much. Their email address is “info@manga-corp.com”

      • warman343 says:


        • Liberator101 says:

          np 🙂

          • warman343 says:

            well i tryed alot of things to fix it, but i’m still getting that same meassage, and when i looked into my anti-virus protection- each time i try to launch this one game, it finds and removes a Trojan virus from the meassage. i’ve even tryed redownloading the game from the site but nothing works. its like the virus is in the acctivation code. i’ll send them another email. this time i hope i can reset the acctivation code and get a new one and hope it works.

          • kouryuu9 says:

            If your antivirus software is finding a “Trojan” when you run our games, then it is 100% your anti-virus software causing your problem. The DRM used on our games has been known to trigger a false positive for a Trojan with some antivirus software. Make an exception for the game exe so that your antivirus software doesn’t scan and try to remove something from the file, and it should work fine.

  32. Silva says:

    well, i have sent a few mails to mangagamer, but however, doesn’t get any reply.

    i’m currently translating the novel higurashi when they cry to german. but i’m still a lil bit worried about violating a law, or sth. like that. anyway its just a patch for the final game from mangagamer, therefore you cant use it, till you have bought the full version of the game.

    i would be glad to get a reply to this.


    • kouryuu9 says:

      You didn’t get our reply? It should’ve been sent around the end of September?

      • Silva says:

        yeah in fact, i never got one. i’m a lil bit surprised though. is it stuck in the spam-mail-folder? but there are no mails currently. so maybe could you resent it plz to the e-mail adress i have posted there?

        thanks in advance

        • Silva says:

          well i dont got any mail today, but my another two entries got deleted, like i requested.
          you can be honest. if you have a problem with my releases, i will take the site offline and thats it. but, if you’re ok with it, i will continue.. answer on this blog with an comment, if you want. either way is fine for me.

  33. warman343 says:

    thanks, i never knew that something like that could happen. so i just need to make sure that my anti-virus is off when i’m going to launch the game?

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Yup, turning it off is one solution. Another, which some of our users do: Make a folder for your games from us, and set that folder as an exception so that your antivirus ignores anything in it.

  34. Kuni says:

    Are there any plans on translating Mashiroiro Symphony in the near future? Im enjoying the Anime and I would really like to play the VN for the other Routes.


  35. lightdx says:

    I don’t find the notice when you talk about Hongou’s faction in koihime. I wanted to know abouth the seiyus who worked with them to at least imagine their voices. Could you put it?.

  36. Voltron says:

    Hello. I am a huge fan of the Da Capo and Da Capo II games. I would like to thank you all for taking the time and energy into releasing them in English. They are beautiful games and if not for all of you I would not of been able to play them as easily as a was, I have heard that Circus is making Da Capo III. I was wondering if in the future you would have any plans to release it in English like you did for Da Capo and Da Capo II. I and many others would be grateful. Or I should say, even more grateful to all of you. Thank you for the great work and stories you have made available to us.

  37. Lux says:

    Hello everyone at Mangagamer, I just wanted to give a great big thanks for all the work you have done to port over as many Japanese visual novels to those that enjoy them! I am very excited to hear about that Koihime Musou will be getting a hard copy release and will be including voices, which means that I have yet another game going on the extensive list of games I need to purchase *sigh*.

    I know that you may have been asked this already or have mention something similar earlier, but I would be very appreciative of an answer for my own sake. Will there be any possible plans for hard copy releases of the original adult version of Kira Kira and its fandisk Kira Kira Curtain Call and Soul Link?

    • Lux says:

      *sigh* So, my comment ending up being something stupid in the first place. Been doing a little reading in the official forum and judging from what I saw it seems to be an impossible dream of ever seeing the 18+ versions of Kira Kira and Curtain Call released on disc. I know that the “all-ages” version doesn’t primarily hinder the overall game in the end, but I’m just fickle in the way that if a game was released with certain content in mind and if that said content doesn’t bother me then I’ll play it regardless. Anyway, once more my thanks goes out to everyone at Mangagamer for everything that they have done and also to say that if there is any possible inkling for a release of these two games, even as a limited edition bundle pack like you did with Edelweiss, know that I’ll be there to snatch it up no matter what the cost may be.

      • Lux says:

        However, I did have an actual serious question about any plans for future games. Do you think it could be a possibility for future releases from either Key and/or Alice Soft?

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