Hey, Ho! The Happy Freelance Life!

One word for you: Plastics.

Everybody always asks how they can work in the anime or VN or porn or (fill in entertainment based) industry. In the final segment of this week’s ANNCast, our editor Sloanereinja tells you what you need to know to break into the industry and more importantly, why working it freelance is a very bad idea.

(Also, massive points to anybody who can get where the post title, screencap, and caption are from WITHOUT having to google.)

7 Responses to Hey, Ho! The Happy Freelance Life!

  1. AnimeAffection says:

    Screencap from Guilty the sin! XD

  2. DarkFusion says:

    What the Doctor says at 0:14:

  3. le_Chimp says:

    Isnt the quote from the Graduate?

    I know it’s the Civilization Quote for the plastics tech.

  4. fuji says:

    “why working it freelance is a very bad idea.”

    I do not agree

  5. yagamisan says:

    I expect for the announce of SHUFFLE! Essence+ and the hard copies in Brazil u.u

  6. blackdragon says:

    @yagamisan: I’m from Brazil, and I just buy the hard copies from j-list~

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