End of Year Wrap-Up

So, with 2011 coming to a close and 2012 soon upon us, we thought we’d offer a look at where things stand and what lies ahead!

First of all comes the hard copies! If you haven’t already pre-ordered them, you’ve still got time to reserve your copies of Go Go Nippon, Edelweiss, and We Love Master from either J-list or our European store.But what about the 4th one, you ask? Well, it’ll still be a while before we announce it, but here are some more details about it. First of all, it’s one of the games currently offered in our catalog. But then why would it be taking until 2012? Well, because we’re doing a lot of work to fix it up, and some big to-dos in the Japanese market was preventing the relevant people from attending to it. So in the past few months we’ve had one of our newer testers reviewing the text in the game to compile a list of all the changes that need to be made once work begins. The report is ready, and work on this patch will be starting once the new year is upon us.

Next up is the upcoming games. Most important right now is DEARDROPS. If you haven’t played the trial yet, you ought to check it out. The full version of the game is currently in beta testing, and hopefully our testers will finish by the end of January, allowing us to release it around the end of February or early March.

Dengeki Stryker will be getting its script work completed in the meantime, so if everything goes as scheduled, we should have it in beta within a couple months and on sale by Anime Expo. After all, only a game full of this much burning passion and manly superhero action will overpower the flames of summer!

Many of you are probably wondering about the status of ef~a first tale~ too. Right now, NNL is in charge of looking over the latest build minori has sent us. If they give it full approval once they’re done, then it’ll be the final build and we can start moving into promoting and releasing the game full-force. We’ll have a few things to discuss about the release as well once NNL is done and we’re able to move forward.

As for Harukoi Otome, one of our other translators has agreed to finish the last handful of remaining scripts, so we can send them all off to Nexton for scripting and testing. With luck, we’ll be able to release this at long last in the latter half of 2012.

The other title currently in the works is another one from Nexton which hasn’t been announced yet. The beta testing for it is finally finished, so given Nexton’s schedule, we’re hoping to announce it in the next couple of months and see it out in Q2.

What else do we hope to offer in 2012? Well, for starters, you can expect us to finally commence the launch of our H-Manga line in January! We’ll be releasing a couple titles each month, and we hope you all will enjoy them and recommend them to your friends as well. This is a field that we’re hoping does well, and definitely plan on pursuing it further if it does.

As for our line of H-anime, things are at a bit of a standstill. The first series of the line is translated, encoded, and so forth, but various hold-ups have been pushing it back. One of which has been testing the videos on a wide variety of devices to arrange for the broadest compatibility we can provide. (Sorry Android 2.1 & 2.2 users, your bit-rate sucks for playback.) Once this and a few other things are sorted, we should be able to start releasing those as well, so with luck we’ll have our first series out in 2012.

Of course, all this news assumes the world doesn’t end in 2012 like Mayan Calendars predict, so if we have a 2012 we hope to see you all in it! If not, may we all perish together with our waifu!

39 Responses to End of Year Wrap-Up

  1. Chrystofax says:

    Wow! Exciting Stuff! oh and Happy New Year ^^

  2. “The other title currently in the works is another one from Nexton”

    Shin koi….no wait I refuse to get my hopes up.

    none the less this was a good year xD looking forward to Deardrops and after looking into Dengeki im wanting that now too.

  3. moetaku says:

    I hope the world ends so I won’t have to be at work at 12am in the morning of new years!!!!! Though I doubt its gonna end T_T

    I really hope the 4th is not one of the older nukige titles….since some of those would count as needing to be fixed up. And it was only mentioned before that of the “3” announced 1 is a nukige, which leaves the 4th hanging.

    There is a chance it’ll be suika if its not another nukige title, actually I’ll be quite happy if it is.

  4. IzanaginoOokami says:

    I hope they do end up doing shin koihime musou.
    since in that game each faction has a separate route.
    Sousou was my favourite character in the original

  5. Aaeru says:

    yay nnl collaboration still going? here i thought they had been suspended.

    and go go nippon cover art loooks awesome!

  6. karisu says:

    On ef:
    “We’ll have a few things to discuss about the release as well…”

    Let me guess… no voices! 🙂

  7. silvercitizen says:

    Are the H-anime series you’re going to be offering uncensored?

  8. lightdx says:

    So i’ll wait two monts at least until the next Mg product. I hoped i could see the next score game soon at least. I think i’ll use this time to save some money and finish “little busters” and “my girlfriend is the president” its hard copy should arrive here soon.

  9. Smelvertising says:

    I’m thinking Kira Kira is going to be the rerelease. There’s an All-Ages version hardcopy available, but no adult release; plus it’s not bundled with its fandisc/sequel, like Edelweiss.

    With Deardrops coming, that’d make the most sense. (Oh, and I’m submitting my request for this: http://vndb.org/v7943 )

    Also, I’m going through it and the translation is a bit of a letdown. The mistranslation of famous band names in particular is outright criminal.

    If a translation patch/updated version is coming I’ll definitely set it aside until that’s done, and grab the hardcopy as well.

    • sloanereinja says:

      “The mistranslation of famous band names in particular is outright criminal.”

      Orders from above. Sorry.

    • kouryuu9 says:

      If you’re talking about the band names in DEARDROPS, the names of real bands and brands are often distorted version of the actual one due to legal issues. This is something that was done in the original Japanese as well, so don’t blame us–blame the law.

  10. Guest says:

    Suika and Shuffle! are both likely candidates for a hard copy. I don’t remember why Shuffle! was not an option previously, but maybe the issue was resolved. I don’t think Kira Kira is likely because there’s already a hard copy for it. A minor chance for Hinatabokko too, maybe?

    • moetaku says:

      Well, its certainly not Shuffle! from what the other post says: “…before you get your hopes up: No, Shuffle is not one of the four.” Thinking Soul Link is a no too.

      Koihime needs some rework on it, but without voices I sort of doubt it. And I agree about it not being Kira Kira.

      The only other titles that would need some fixing are the older releases which includes Suika. I don’t really care about the other titles enough to warrant a hard copy so I really do hope it’ll be Suika and not a title many will just let slide by.

      Please let it be a surprise and not just a “Nah, We’re just pulling your leg.” kind of joke.

  11. Swiftnissity says:

    I’m kinda hoping it’s ‘Hinatabokko’ (Which girl should I choose?). The game deserves more praise then it gets.

  12. ToxicFruit says:

    At least Deardrops will be out before the world ends,

  13. DarkFusion says:

    My guess is the fourth game is Conquering the Queen

    • lightdx says:

      Unless is a version with higher quaily cause Mg already relase it. But i don’t think it’s the fourth game cause that game is from liquid and the fourth game is probably from score.

  14. ChexGuy says:

    Will there be a translation of d2b vs Deardrops?

    • lightdx says:

      So far i know. There won’t. Maybe some day I don’t think it”ll happen soon either. Maybe to the end of the year we can hear something.

    • DarkFusion says:

      My guess is we’ll have to see how Deardrops sells first, then of course we’ll need to wait till the folks working on Dengeki are free

  15. Ponyo says:

    Maybe you should consider hiring another testers. Not to notice that big currency mistake in Go Go Nippon is a bit…

    • Nurio says:

      In my defense, I used the Euro – Yen currency conversion, so I never got to see the Dollar – Yen currency conversion.

      • Excuses, excuses 😉
        Seriously though, that was the only major fault in GGN, and not really a serious one.

        Here’s hoping for an update to the Suika translation. It’s a great game let down by a very average translation.

        • Nurio says:

          And it was a fault that was patched later on. =)
          Of course I feel some shame that I missed that bug. I just think it’s within reason that I missed it.

  16. Yagami says:

    Waiting for SHUFFLE! Essence+ this year ^^

  17. Taiyaki11 says:

    So, from sources like Amiami i found there’s a Da Capo III comming out this year around spring, what are the chances MangaGamer would translate that as well cause that would be awesome ^.^

    • gaudy6523 says:

      Last year, at AX, Tororo Dancho said that DCIII and Suika II will get an English localization.

      • Taiyaki11 says:

        That would be awesome! I’m a pretty big da capo fan after finding the first two on this site. any more info on that like if the english localization date would be within a few months of jap. release or anything?

  18. Liberator101 says:

    I hope that mangagamer are talking to Pink Pineapple for their ero anime, cause alot of their stuff are great and hopfully mangagamer get their intrest back to america cause what happen to Nu Tech.

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