DEARDROPS Trial Version is Out!

“Music you were destined to encounter, with friends you were destined to meet—”

We at MangaGamer are proud to present that a Trial Version of DEARDROPS is now available!

Five different people―each lost at different points in their life’s journey, each heading down different paths, each with their own goals and ideals―find themselves unexpectedly brought together by rock ‘n roll and the world of music. Whether their time together is fleeting or lasting, the crossing of such varied lives is sure to be an unforgettable one that forever changes them.

A tale of youth, fateful encounters, and the prime of life awaits the moment all is set in motion. With the spark of a cast-off cigarette and the opening phrase of a dead rockstar’s legacy, the first chapter of their new lives will ring across the crowded hall.

32 Responses to DEARDROPS Trial Version is Out!

  1. Chrystofax says:

    Oh I might try this later

  2. Nandog says:

    When will you have the full? I’m /dying/ to play the full ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. mahou says:

    Wish you guys would just release this already so I can give you my money. No fence sitting with this one, WANT IT NOW!

    What’s the reason for such a late release? Something else coming this month and during January?

  4. Nurio says:

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this! I know what I’m gonna play when I get home… =3

  5. DarkFusion says:

    I just hope this game doesn’t come out in late February through March, I have so many preordered games coming out then…oh who am I kidding? Deardrops will make being in the poorhouse worth it!

  6. shinn says:

    Thank you!!!!

  7. shinn says:

    Yes just finished through the trial and all i can say it is awesome!!!!! like kira kira but better XD!. Now i cannot wait for it to be released XD.

  8. sloanereinja says:

    It takes time to translate and script. DD is currently in beta, so expect a release 4-8 weeks after hearing that beta reports are all in and submitted since the changes need to be put in, final compiles done, etc.

  9. Joker says:

    Oh god gonna play/read this so hard tomorrow!

  10. animeftw999 says:

    im haveing problems trying to start thje game it keeps saying something about gettign the information of a display adaptor can someone help me out here T.T

  11. Jikap says:

    I’m definitely getting this game when it comes out, the trial was awesome! :3

  12. Lessien says:

    Played the trial. It was everything I was hoping for and I can not wait for the full version!



  13. Sam says:

    What the fuck, stop using ‘say uncle’ so many times. It was okay the first 2-3 times but when you try to use it as a replacement for a word like ‘submit’ or its equivalent is just lazy. Getting sick of it every time it pops up and this is just the trial version.

    “I want to show Noda-san what our music is. I want to make her say uncle with our music.”
    “Make Noda say uncle with our music?”

    • mahou says:

      ギャフン (Gyafun) isn’t even really a word. But I agree with you on the ‘say uncle’ idiom is overused. Also don’t really like how the school year levels are localized to match American schools.

      Minor annoyances, but acceptable nonetheless. There were a couple of grammatical errors, though I didn’t bother to make note of them; I’m not a tester after all ;p

      Looking forward to the final product.

      • gaudy6523 says:

        I think the biggest problem is that there really is no appropriate translation for ‘gyafun’…

        • Arraxis says:

          Could it just be translated differently? “Make Noda recognise our music” or “I want to make her admit our music is better than hers”? I haven’t played the trial, but the teaser looks good. I might have to give it a go!

  14. IzanaginoOokami says:

    They ake references to D2b and the song “Kimi no moto he” from Kirakira near the end of the trial.

    • Jikap says:

      ooh, I caught the kirakira reference as well, was kind of disappointed when we didn’t get to hear the song, lol.

  15. Just finished the trial, really enjoyed it anc can’t wait for the full version. BTW, I spotted a typo- in Riho’s first scene it says ‘it was a pair of guys of both looked liked trouble’

  16. IzanaginoOokami says:

    Overdrive is also releasing a D2b vs Deardrops crossovet Fandisc, that would be awesome.

  17. Just finished playing the trial. Now I can’t wait for it to be released!

  18. utsurigi says:

    Kira Kira was better. The newly released d2b vs deardrops game was nice.

  19. moetaku says:

    Took my sweet time with the trial. After finishing it all I can say is I want MORE!!! The character design this time was extremely well done too, much better than the designs seen in kira kira and edelweiss.

    Loved all the characters and the story so far definitely gave me the vibes.

  20. Noya says:

    When can we expect the full game?

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Our Beta Testers are working on the full game now, so we’ll have a better idea once they’re finished, but I’d estimate Q1 of 2012?

      • Noya says:

        Aaahh .. I just can’t wait !! When I first saw that you are translating/going to translate this game, I read the info and I knew instantly that I was gonna love it (I love these ‘eroges’ that involve rock and music) .. Now that the trial is out, I just can’t wait for the full !!

  21. Noya says:

    By the way, sorry to ask this, but .. About how long did it take to translate Kira kira? And about how long does/will it take to translate DEARDROPS (Interested and can’t seem to find your E-Mail/Contacts .. ;/)

    • Nurio says:

      I don’t think you can compare KiraKira and DearDrops, as their translation processes were a bit different, I believe.
      DearDrops is finished with translation. It’s now being tested by the beta testers. I believe that Kouryuu said that his best guess is “Q1 2012” for a release date.

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