Your Harem is on its Way!

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Harem Party will be available for purchase on November 25th, 2011!

This thanksgiving you won’t find a more succulent feast than this party of heroines! Sample everything from knights, mages, and elves to catgirls and more!

You’ll be thankful for this cornucopia of heroines to share a night and sate your appetite with!

13 Responses to Your Harem is on its Way!

  1. Chrystofax says:

    Ohh cant wait, I just got done with Conquering the Queen.. This looks like it might be much better tho

  2. yay!

    seeing as im not buying Conquering the Queen I can’t wait for this one xD

  3. Shinn says:

    Nice can not wait for this game to be out. Now, I got a goal to finish assignments to b free on 26.11 to play the game.

  4. DarkFusion says:

    I hope I’m able to finish my final research project by the time this game releases

  5. DarkFusion says:

    By the way, is it just me or did the two characters in the first pic wander onto a Code Geass set? lol

  6. Nubles says:

    I want my Harem now 😛

  7. LIGHTDX says:

    Yehaa. I have waiting for this. This look a lot more interesting than conquering the queen and almost as much as we love master. MG you can save room for my money already.

  8. i just noticed the release date…il still be balls deep in skyrim D:


  9. yagamisan says:

    I’d be waiting for ^^

  10. Orberon says:

    think of it this way after a hard day of dragon slaying in skyrim you have your own private harem for your nights

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