Announcing Conquering the Queen

Our mad sex romp continues with another hot release, this time a medieval tale of deception and doing it rough: Conquering the Queen.

Released in 2004 by Liquid, Conquering the Queen is a game for everyone out there who liked Berserk but thought it had too much blood and not enough rape. In Conquering, you play Vincent Conquer, a mercenary, who thanks to a lucky encounter with kindly princess Sana and an all-controlling evil eye, is presented with the opportunity to climb and rape his way to the top of the Katushan military in their war against the invading Eclipse.

Conquering the Queen also takes the standard VN/eroge/nukige setup and shakes it around a bit. Instead of attempting to capture a character, you instead choose to make an alliance to determine the story’s outcome. You shag all the girls repeatedly no matter which end you get, but whether or not you wind up victorious is another question…
Ultimately, if you like it hardcore and forceful, this is the nukige for you. Those wanting something gentler are best advised to hold out for our other upcoming nukige releases, sure to cuddle you in bed with a cup of cocoa.

9 Responses to Announcing Conquering the Queen

  1. Pirkaf says:


  2. why does this remind me of sengoku rance by the description?

    either way im on the fence about it

  3. Jay says:

    is this game part of Princess Knight Lilia

  4. moetaku says:

    Mmmmh, me thinks my irreplaceable pal might not be hardcore enough for this title? XD

  5. DarkFusion says:

    Oh good, I always wanted to play as Gregor Clegane…I wonder how many people here will get that reference?

  6. Guest says:

    Almost everyone? 😛 In any case, this will definitely be a must-buy for me. The previous 2 Liquid games were underwhelming, but the CG for this one show great promise!

  7. yagamisan says:

    A nukige who I’d be very waiting *¬*

  8. loutkun says:

    I noticed on the product page for this title, one of the description (tag) bubbles was Battle. Are we talking Soul Link type battle, Koihime type battle, or something different?

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