Inquisition into Tragedy


Many decades ago, the world was still recovering from its darkest time. Driven mad by the darkness, one took up a holy crusade to bring light to the heathens in his land, his eyes blind to the darkness of the very sins he wrought…

“This miserable state is borne by the wretched souls of those who lived without disgrace yet without praise… Is it this?”

89 Responses to Inquisition into Tragedy

  1. Nurio says:

    No idea what this is… Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. anon says:

    omggg what’s this someone tell me!

  3. Yirba says:

    Ooh… I’m curious to find out what this is about! πŸ˜€

  4. L-rouge says:

    I’m sure I’ve heard this somewhere, but can’t for the life of me think where… (although it’ll probably be a similar quote about something completely different! lol)

  5. Karisu says:

    Phantom of Inferno?
    The quote is from Dante’s Inferno, so thats the only visual novely link I can think of :p

    • David Sh says:

      To amplify, the Italian is
      “Questo misero modo
      tegnon l’anime triste di coloro
      che visser sanza ‘nfamia e sanza lodo.”,
      from Canto III, within the outer gate of Hell, but before the crossing of the Styx, and so before even Limbo.

  6. DarkFusion says:

    Could be that detective game that’s been hinted at, though if this means a hint at something taking place in medieval times, it could also be either the Circus RPG that we haven’t heard about in a while (now that the season of Da Capo’s over, the team working on Circus games would be focusing on that) or it could be Mashou no Nie. Of course, maybe MG’s made a deal with a new company, maybe they made a deal with Eushully and we’ll finally get an Ikusa Megami game or one of its tie ins (wishful thinking)

  7. Natat says:

    Hmm, you’ve picked my interest, indeed. Looking forward to know more about this.

  8. michelous says:

    color me confused

  9. justinizhere says:

    i SWEAR iv heard this before….

    im so curious now.

  10. moetaku says:

    What the moe!!

  11. anon says:

    no idea.

  12. Amoirsp says:

    Aw it’s not Saishuu Shiken Kujira.

  13. Oxidian says:

    Umineko I suppose…

  14. beliar says:

    Okay. Let’s go to VNDB and search for religious organisation tag (due to the word Inquisition).
    Two titles that are plausible:
    1. Tenshi no Himegoto is a Tactics game and we have been promised a sword and sorcery fantasy from Tactics.
    2. Cartagra is an Innocent Grey game and at the same time a detective game. And we also were promised that.
    That is unless more plausible organisations are hidden behind a spoiler tag and I didn’t look there.

  15. DarkFusion says:

    Could also be this one:

    • beliar says:

      This is set in a school, so I don’t think it’s possible.
      “Many decades ago, the world was still recovering from its darkest time.” Sounds like the game should be of a broader scope than the school.

  16. fujifruit says:

    Knight carnival.

  17. nothing956 says:

    when will we get an answer

  18. Nortin says:

    Could be Zettai Maou ~Boku no Mune-kyun Gakuen Saga~?

  19. Quantaxe says:

    Considering there have been hints to Liquid game in previous posts, maybe “Mashou no Nie”

    • nothing956 says:

      hasn’t that game already been announced i don’t think they would give us a hint like this just to give us an update on a game they have already announced

  20. nothing956 says:

    ah what the heck ill guess a few assuming they made deals with new developers

  21. DarkFusion says:

    Maybe it’s the Muv Luv games

  22. animedemon says:

    i think it this

  23. Nurio says:

    This blog post has been updated with another hint…
    Still NO clue on what it is, though…

  24. Classical says:

    Looks like it might be Kara no Shoujo.

  25. Ethonia says:

    If you look at Kara no Shoujo on the VNDB, the text box is the same as the one shown for the hint~

  26. fujifruit says:

    Confirmed its Kara no Shoujo. Look at text box.

    Thank me later.

  27. Suzu says:

    It’s Kara no Shoujo.

  28. d_fallen_god says:

    πŸ˜€ THE DIALOG ITSELF! look on the screen-shot…

  29. Karisu says:

    If it’s Kara no Shoujo, I hope they do a physical release of it!

  30. Kyubey says:

    Yay! It really is Kara no Shoujo!

  31. DarkFusion says:

    When I saw the dialogue I figured it was either Cartagura or Kara no Shoujo, text box matches KnS.

  32. mayoi says:

    Kara no Shoujo, definitely.

  33. aaa says:

    I comfirm it’s Kara no Shoujo
    I remember that the text box is yes

    I played it a lot . for sure i’m not missing

  34. Kara no Shoujo? That’s one I wanted to import…

    I’ll be getting this if that’s true πŸ˜€
    Would love to see it boxed though. [somehow I see a boxed edition to appear after, forcing me to buy it twice… ugh!]

    • nothing956 says:

      yeah if its kara no shoujo and it gets boxed i would buy it twice though i would rather just by a boxed ver.

      • DarkFusion says:

        I already have the Japanese version…that said I’d probably end up buying thrice if a physical release were made

  35. nothing956 says:

    now after looking at pictures of kara no shoujo im sure it is kara no shoujo

  36. mahou says:

    Been waiting for this. Instant buy no questions asked. Was getting sick of Moe blobs zzzzz.

  37. Mizuhara Yuki says:

    I just want to express my utmost joy XD

  38. unkind says:

    that is one creepy ass screenshot in the bottom there

  39. ReMeDy says:

    I’ve played Kara no Shoujo a little. It’s a VERY dark and graphically disturbing game. It could be considered slight “goro” themed, although I’ve seen worse.

    It’s not like “Chain” where it’s a monotonous string of boring detective work and killings. In this game, people die very gruesomely. The disturbing imagery draws you into the game and gives you that mixed sense of emotions. The dark yellow/Autumn’ish color palette has a Silent Hill vibe.

    If this gets released, this will be a truly unique visual novel that may open some naysayer’s eyes to the effectiveness of the visual novel genre.

    • ReMeDy says:

      Also you can find various tidbits on YouTube. It has garnered quite a reputation for itself for some gruesome scenes. This is one of those games where girl’s eyeballs roll into the backs of their heads :P.

    • moetaku says:

      Uhhhhhhhhhhhh….I’m not really into images of gruesome homicides, no, more like I dislike them to be exact. I like the art style and the story sounds interesting so I might still get it anyways, I’ll just have to cope with the “extra” stuff that I don’t like.

      • nothing956 says:

        go to this video (i think its the opening of kara no shoujo) pause it and scroll over till 2:22

        • moetaku says:

          I decided to watch the whole vid. 1:25 was like something from a horror movie. 2:22 really did get me though after I paused and stared at it (Why did I do that!? Because I didn’t catch it the first time) Now my stomach has butterflies and its morning here. Guess if I get this I’ll just block the image with my hand or something while reading, inconvenient but beats getting sick. Bet the in-game images are worse lol

          • pondrthis says:

            That was kinda trippy what with the smooth jazz. Great music and visuals. If the developers actually make the game’s mood match the weird feeling of that white, jazzy slaughterhouse, then they’re beyond godlike with their control over mood and emotion.

        • Nurio says:

          Oooooookay, this is not my kind of game.

  40. Akeashar says:

    Sounds like the kind of thing that’s been lacking in my game playing since Tsukihime and Saya no Uta. What’s life without a bit of Guro? ❀

    • nothing956 says:

      i dont remember tsukihime being that violent

      • ReMeDy says:

        Yea, Tsukihime was fairly tame compared to this game, although it’s the closest English translated equivalent that comes to mind.

        • nothing956 says:

          isn’t Chaos;Head supposed to be violent (i don’t know i haven’t played it or saya no uta for that matter)

          • DarkFusion says:

            I’ve played a bit of Chaos;Head, what I played of Cartagura blew that out of the water and since I assume Kara no Soujo is much of the same considering it’s a sequel to Cartagura…

  41. nothing956 says:

    @DarkFusion i thought so kara no shoujo is a sequel to cartagura so shouldn’t we be getting cartagura first? or does it not relly matter

  42. fujifruit says:


    • nothing956 says:

      oops i didn’t know how to spell it so i just put what the other guy put above me

      • mahou says:

        Cartagra is not a sequel, it just shares some of the same characters.

        • nothing956 says:

          oh ok i still want them to release it though along with every other innocent grey game

          • Choux says:

            Well, the only innocent grey games are Cartagra,Pianissimo, a fandisc, Kara no shoujo, and caucasus. Of these, Cartagra and Kara no shoujo are the most well rated. I have only played those two and the fandisc, so I don’t know about the others, but apparently they aren’t that good. It’s kind of like how Giga has awesome games like Parfait and Baldr, but then produces some seriously blah games too (like that one about the cheerleaders). So I would think that quality over quantity is better, especially since Innocent Grey’s games are a tad difficult to translate.

          • DarkFusion says:

            From what I hear Causcaus is a good game just not as good as Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo:


          • nothing956 says:

            well innocent grey only has 5 games (well soon 6) so arn’t the chances high that we will get all of them and other than cartagra i am mostly hoping for Causcaus wich is supposed to be good (according to the player rating on vndb anyway)

  43. yagamisan says:

    Kara No Shoujo by MG??????
    I’ll be more happy now *o*

  44. Sirf_palot says:

    THERE IS A GOD!!!. Lol jk, the font could be a little less eye-cancer, but who cares…!!!

  45. mayoi says:

    please change the font.

  46. nothing956 says:

    so when do you think the’ll offically announce it now that everybody knows what it is (hopefully) my guess is eather by or on tuesday

  47. DarkFusion says:

    Since in Kara no Shoujo there aren’t any routes and only endings, does that mean it’s like 999 in that there’s only 1 true ending and the rest are bad ends or is it unknown which ending is canon?

  48. justinizhere says:

    not my kind of game so il not be buying it, wish MG luck with sales however =/

  49. kyrt says:

    Well it’s great that they are releasing this but this is definitely not my cup of tea. I will not be picking this title up unless I manage to come into some extra money. Otherwise I will wait patiently for Ef and the other titles that are to come.

    • nothing956 says:

      that reminds me whatever happend to ef is it still coming along we haven’t heard anything about it in a wile

  50. dominus says:

    Well this looks to be some real dark themed (not directly tied with sex)thing . If Kara no shoujo does have some meat to his story and is something more than trowing some gore images at you for some impact only, then its a good choise for mangagamer and puts some serious things among the rest of the same romance\sex fest thing that we got . And Devidead was the most gore\dark VN that ever got oficialy translated in english until now(chaos head does have some things and of course Higurashi while not having visual gore images it does get into a lot of detail when it comes to descriving the bloody parts.)

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