Da Capo 2

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce our release of Da Capo II is now available for purchase! I hope you’ll all enjoy a Merry Christmas with the girl of your choice!

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  1. Lout-kun says:

    Just started the downloads. Wondering why there’s 3(perhaps the size of the game?).

    • Muffintop says:

      Yeah, size of the game. Looks to be about a 2 and half gig download if all parts are equal. Which sucks, as I already hit my download limit this month. 8k/bs a sec, here I come -_-

    • mahou says:

      Just started my download too. Going at a nice speed. games about 3gb unpacked? so three files seems normal.

  2. X-Calibar says:


    erg not fast enough….
    Part 1 is nearly 800 MB! So it’s like downloading 3 cds.

  3. PhantomZwei says:

    Ah, it’s out! Well, I guess that’s one plus to being unable to sleep. Nice DL speed.

  4. AltarusTheTraveler says:

    There shall be no sleep until I capture a certain robot…

  5. Neko_Len says:

    have fun guys~

  6. mahou says:

    Goddamn it activated fine and now when I start the game I get a message in unreadable characters apart from maker and a yes or no option click yes, get another message unreadable characters apart from ‘mangagamer’ click yes, get another message unreadable characters ‘warning’ click yes, get another message unreadable characters apart from ‘warning 2’. Then black screen. Lets me quit though. And yes my specs are way above requirements.

    So how do I fix an error when I can’t read what the error is?

    • mahou says:

      Ah nevermind I jumped the gun, I figured it out. I guess 9 hours of work and little sleep does that to ya xD

      • AltarusTheTraveler says:

        How’d you fix it good sir?

        • overkill373 says:

          i also have this problem <.<

          i just clicked "yes" for all then it finally starts the game

          but when i click "start" at the main menu i get another warning and if i click "yes" i get sent back to the main menu and if i click "no" the game closes x.x plz help lol

          • mahou says:

            I assume like me you thought the three files extract as one folder. This isn’t the case. Since i’m very sleepy, didn’t notice the discrepancy in the file size straight away. Anyway this is how to fix it. Each rar file is stand alone, therefore you need to extract all the three files and place them in the same folder as the first extracted rar file folder ‘dacapo2’. With all the files in one folder activate the game and you’re good to go.

          • overkill373 says:

            thx dude 🙂

            i wouldnt have been able to figure it out by myself anytime soon xD

          • X-Calibar says:

            Thanks for the solution xD
            Was worried for a sec!

  7. Joscho says:

    OK WTF >: i downloaded the first part like 4 times and its allways telling me its corrupt >_<

  8. talonvoren says:

    ok, this may be a stupid question, but did manga gamer stop accepting visa giftcards? i bought six games previously the past year using them, now when theres a game i really want, i am denied….

  9. Classical says:

    It’s finally here!

    *checks file sizes*

    Crap this is going to take a while. ^_^;

  10. Lout-kun says:

    Ugh… =_= My internet went out sometime in the morning and the downloads failed. Now I have to start over. And it’s going so slowly; 18-25KB/sec. I hope all of you that got the game already are enjoying it. Dx

    • Lout-kun says:

      More bad luck. The first two files downloaded fine, but the third just stopped at 562MB of the full 745MB. Here goes attempt number three. Fingers crossed. x_x

  11. X-Calibar says:

    I can’t help but see Yume as secretly being a descendant of Sakura … (card captor sakura..) ❤

  12. Azada says:

    Dammit. Here come another slew of sleepless nights with an awsome game. MERRY CHRISTMAS PEEPS!

  13. punynari says:

    After some struggling, I finally got DCII to work, thanks to Mahou above. All 3 zips extracted individually and put into the one DaCapo2 folder from the first zip file.

    Still, got virus warnings though and had to turn off “Sonar Protection” on Norton AntiVirus to play the game. Wish there was less drama to play a game I legitimately bought…. :/

    • kouryuu9 says:

      Yeah, it is a pain that we’re not too happy with either. We’re trying to work through some of the anti-virus issues, but it’s a busy season for everyone all-around.

      • DarkFusion says:

        Don’t know if this could help, but for some reason my Kira Kira game isn’t bothered in the least by Sonar while every other MG game is. You see Sonar always detects the lder.dat file as a virus and quarantines it, but for some reason this doesn’t happen with Kira Kira.

  14. yagamisan says:

    Yoshino Sakura *o*

  15. eskimo bill says:

    ugh ppl been asking me for a walkthrough left and right im surprised Mangagamers doesn’t have one with the release of there titles im sure ppl would love to have them

    • Azada says:

      Lol after months of translating and testing i don’t think any of them want to go through the trouble of making a walkthrough. It is a good idea though.

      • kouryuu9 says:

        <_< That's kind of where I stand…

        Unless I feel not having a walk-through will detract from the experience (like how I know the one part in Soul Link frustrated even me) I’m not going to take the time to draw one up.

        Instead I highly encourage you all to share here on the blog and forums and work your way through together! \o/

        • DarkFusion says:

          Why not just use the Japanese walkthrough? That’s how I got through Soul Link with little frustration, All I had to was use the google translate. Admittedly though, google translate does tend to botch the names of the heroines up.

          • eskimo bill says:

            some ppl dont like to struggle through it they are there for the story. Google translate fails so hard sometimes and you have no idea what it says sigh it was just a suggestion back to work making the jap walkthrough English friendly

    • Yagami says:

      Walkthroughs are so much unnecessary in visual novels u.u

      • Fuji says:

        Soul link.

      • DarkFusion says:

        And for JP games: MinDead Blood, Gun Katana, and (if you want to see everything) Extravaganza (hint hint at what I want someday from MG)

        • Lout-kun says:

          I completed the game today. Gotta admit, Otome’s and Yume’s endings almost got my tears flowing. Anyway, about a walkthrough – I took notes as I progressed through the game and will be submitting them to GameFaqs.com shortly, in walkthrough template.

  16. eskimo bill says:

    i was wondering if its ok if i use your character bios and story detail for my faq that im writing that way i dont have to make my own and fail hardcore or not have them at all (my more likely choice)

  17. CM8 says:

    I think you should also include what does Nii-san, Otouto-kun mean in the translation notes, especially Otouto since they are not that popular in anime (except D.C.II anime that is)

    • Fuji says:

      They hell are you talking about? >______>

      • Nurio says:

        It’s unrelated to this news post, but Yagami is angry at JAST USA for censoring the loli CGs from their new game.

        But Yagami is as gullible and naive as ever. Someone in the comments section just made a stab and a false accusation and Yagami believed it.

        Yagami is kind of like that. Getting way into people’s comments, believing everything and then posting about it on irrelevant news posts on a different company’s website.

  18. White String says:

    Loved the game it was wonderful, and thank you for translating it for us. Im also curious if you still have the sister scene in Da Capo II.

  19. G-Death says:

    Any chance of releasing a typo-fix patch in the future? I don’t understand how the industry works so it would nice if the staffs can explain the actual time/budget it takes for fixing typo.

  20. DarkFusion says:

    Just curious, but does anyone know who plays Shin in this game? He sounds familiar.

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