Da Capo Innocent Finale

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce our release of Da Capo Innocent Finale (D.C.I.F.) is now available for purchase! This game marks the latest addition to our All-Ages catalog, and is sure to be an enjoyment to Kotori fans everywhere.


23 Responses to Da Capo Innocent Finale

  1. Fuji says:

    Grats :)~

  2. Nanatsuya says:

    Kotori’s a home-wrecking whore!!

    …or was that Nanaka…?

  3. DarkFusion says:

    Just bought my copy and am currently downloading. I pray for this game’s success (especially since if this sells well, Circus may let us have Plus Communication)

    • Fuji says:

      Or something not Da capo. :X Like the Suika fandisc thing. Or Gift and the new battle royale game.

      • Amoirsp says:

        Speaking of Suika fandisc thing, did you mean the one talking about Escherichia coli O157:H7 or the one that’s in 2001 which predates the original Da Capo and gives you more information?

        I’m guessing it’s the latter.

        • Fuji says:

          The later :p I never heard about the other one :0.. Anyway It would be nice to see some non Da Capo circus titles.

    • Justin iZ Here says:

      i wish the fan translation of plus communication finished…was at 70%ish too….dammit all to hell xD

  4. eskimo bill says:

    just got my copy cant wait to tare into it let my day off commence 😀

  5. Ingame says:

    Was supposed to read for my driver’s license.. ‘Guess that’s not happening for a while >_<

  6. Claire says:

    Hey I’m new here and I’m buying this new game “Da Capo I.F.” game for my friend but I was just wondering ~ after you buy it do they ship the game to you (game disk) or you have to download it from online?

  7. Dude says:

    Nice to see another Circus title translated. However, why did you choose the all-age version for translation instead of the H-one?

    • Nanatsuya says:

      Probably because without more Higurashi, the all-ages section was looking a little bare…

    • eskimo bill says:

      personally i don’t care i have read so many visual novels that all the h scenes just annoy me now and i skip them kinda like u read one u have read them all

      • Gambit says:

        Yep, seen one seen them all. Wasted translation effort and time. May as well leave the ones they do translate in Japanese since the so-called dialogue is nearly identical non matter what kind of personality the characters normally have. It’s like they suddenly start channeling the lost souls of bad porn actors or something.

        • Dude says:

          I agree with your point, but in this particular case H is the only thing Kotori is good at. At least unless the scriptwriter of her route has changed.

  8. X-Calibar says:

    Will this get a CD hardcopy release like Kira*Kira all-ages and Higurashi? I’m tempted to buy it; but I don’t think there is a discount for buying the download then getting the CD version… right?

    Congrats btw 😀 In time for the holidays!

  9. overkill373 says:

    is there a walkthrough for this game?

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