I’m just going to leave these here…

*All images are from the DC2 Beta and are subject to change.


14 Responses to I’m just going to leave these here…

  1. Justin iZ Here says:


  2. Matt says:

    hahaha looking forward to it!

  3. AstralSword says:


    When is it coming out? If this has been stated before, please forgive me, since it has bee a long time I last came here.

    Loved the “dirty talk”.

    • tom says:

      They are hoping that it will come out in December, but depending on how beta testing goes it may come out later.

  4. Eab1990 says:

    Who’s “you”? Unless there’s some joke about Yoshiyuki being a “wife”… Maybe I’m overthinking this. >_>

    And poor Koko. She can’t ever keep up with Anzu/Akane’s pace. XD

  5. Karisu says:

    That’s a pretty great little scene. If the VN is filled with cool little moments like that, I’m sold!

  6. Yagami says:

    So perfect at all *o*

  7. gaudy6523 says:

    Scenes like this make me wish Akane’s story was in DCII (vanilla) instead of Minatsu’s…

  8. Astraea127 says:

    picture #4 , i have to agree on that statement 100%

  9. dominus says:

    Nice classic moment .

  10. Aggressor says:

    Another great thing I’ve noticed is four different images of Akane, one for each line in the dialog. Considering beautiful chardesign such generosity makes me happy.

  11. meganeshounen says:

    Yep. Those two just looooooooooooooooooooove cockte-…

    … I mean, poking fun at Yoshiyuki.

    Good thing Anzu’s a winnable in vanilla DCII and Akane’s in the PC/PS versions.

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