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So it came to my attention that our mascot is currently without a name. So, I thought this would be a good chance to try and come up with a name while we were all out at dinner during Anime Expo. However, we had to leave before a decision was reached. As such, I thought I’d open the floor to the rest of you as well! After our discussion at dinner, the strongest suggestions seem to have been “Mami” from one of encubed’s members, and “Sachiko” from CIRCUS’s members.

There were of course more than enough joking suggestions such as “Hideko” (after Baka Test’s Hideyoshi), “Uguu” from a certain Key fan, and “Hajime Nugu” (First Strip) from OVERDRIVE’s Bamboo.

So, for those who have more suggestions, or support any of the ones made so far, let us know! Maybe your idea will become her name!

52 Responses to Name the Mascot

  1. Jubbz says:

    How ‘Bout…


  2. Anonimus says:

    Maga-chan, lol. Form MAngaGAmer

  3. Kitty says:

    I think her name should be Saori.

  4. SleepyD says:

    Mami+Sachiko = Machiko~

    Also, I can’t help but see GA♥GA in the MangaGamer banner on this site. ahaha…

    Well, in any case, I’ll be seeing you guys at AX.

  5. Ayu says:

    I stand by my uguus.
    Although, I think waffle is a legitimately awesome name too.

  6. Sousou-sama says:

    The mascot’s name should be Magami. Ma=Manga , ga=Gamer ,mi=me ^^

  7. Anon says:

    How about Keiko? It means “adored one” and it is similar to Keima, the galge-obsessed protagonist of the manga The World God Only Knows. It’s a great manga about Keima having to use galge strategies on real girls. I also think the name suits her.

    Otherwise, I’d take Sachiko as an acceptable name as well.

  8. KoiNoDensetsu says:

    Uguutan is good.

    Other good names:

    Akane (lol)

  9. le nuage says:

    Since you can read MG on her suit, it should be something like

  10. cody says:

    Nippon chan :D.

  11. Angel Beats! says:


  12. Yagami says:

    I suggests Kaori-chan or Sachi-chan ^^

  13. le nuage says:

    “The loli” is fine too.

  14. Aggressor says:

    1) Hei-tan (because she’s flat (heitan) and with 2 letters swapped you’ll get…).
    2) Yaku (from yakusha which means translator).

    So, when the VN with her will be released? 🙂

  15. Lovely says:

    Daquiri .

    I don’t know why, it just sounds cute to me… (Or maybe I’m thirsty for a fruity rum drink right now… hm.)

    EmGi-tan? (MG-tan.heh.)

    Nah, not cute enough… hmmmmm

  16. Lovely says:

    Oops, MG would be EnJi . I guess. …..yeah, still not cute. :p .

  17. Tuskus says:

    How about Uguu-chan?
    But seriously, folks, how about MaGirl the manga gamer?

  18. einhorn303 says:

    I’ve just been calling her MangaGamer-tan naturally since her inception (and I think most people on /jp/ also use that name).

    Either way, I think the company’s title should be incorporated into her name somehow.

  19. Terrence says:

    Please don’t give her some stupid faux-Japanese name.

    You are not Japanese, it is too pathetic and weaboo to call her something you thing the Japanese would call her.

    English is a language with many nice names, use one of them.

    • Al says:

      Haters are gonna hate!

    • gaudy6523 says:

      Seeing as to how the mascot is suppose to be Japanese, was created by a Japanese artist for the sake of promoting Japanese products for a company that’s predominately run by Japanese people, clearly the idea of giving her a Japanese name is just a completely unreasonable proposition…

      Lets just call her ‘Sarah’ for no reason whatsoever…

    • kyogissun says:


  20. gaudy6523 says:

    I thought we agreed to put Vuvu-tan on the list?

  21. Karomi says:

    I think good names are:
    -Momo 😀
    -Magi(from MangaGamer):)

  22. Ayu says:

    How about “mochiron, ero”

  23. Raistlin says:


  24. Nobody says:

    Hajime Nugu made me laugh.
    My suggestion:
    Kanari Eroi (Eroi-chan for short).

  25. cutiebunny says:

    I think Sachiko is cute. Or even just Sachi, for short.

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Blitzwing says:

    I also originally thought MangaGamer-tan or MG-tan (like the OS-tan). Miitan reminds me of popotan. How about Gaman-chan! It’s an anagrama of manga >.>

  28. Wilhem says:

    I kind of like the MG-tan “name”. The mascot also kind of reminds me of the OS-tan mascots. Anyway just add a “-tan” at the end of her name and it’ll be fine as a mascot name.
    So I would say MG-tan or MangaGamer-tan.

  29. KoiNoDensetsu says:

    A little OT, but I love the new picture with the MG girl, Kouryuu. Hopefully, she is “winnable” in that game that is being made specifically for English audiences.

  30. Ayu says:

    She’ll be assigned MG-tan or something like that soon enough by the fans on their own. So let’s decide her age! I vote for 25 wwww

  31. Yagami says:

    Sachiko or Midori ^^

  32. mun says:

    I think it should be Ga-chan simple and it fits

  33. BooBoo says:

    Just wondering, which artist designed this new MG mascot?

  34. CowsGoMoo says:

    How about


    Nah, I kid. I second Mii-tan. Sounds darn cute.

  35. someone,somewhere says:

    her name shall be Mr T.

  36. DemonKing says:


  37. odtboss says:


  38. Sion says:

    A little late to the party here, but she’s always been called MG-tan around /jp/. I see no reason to change this.

  39. Azwald says:

    really late submission…
    should be.. Megu-chan(MG-chan)

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