Mangagamer Summer Sale

Well everyone, if Spring’s been awakening for you, our Summer Sale is now in effect and will continue until May 25th, so be sure to stop by our website, pick up some scorchingly sexy games at half price, and let us know what you think!

7 Responses to Mangagamer Summer Sale

  1. 23423fwfw says:

    Very good, been waiting for Suika to go on sale. Purchased.

  2. Sousou-sama says:

    Ha… then koihime musou can be release before Mangagamer Summer Sale ends or not? So i can buy it with half price.. ^^

  3. Wykel says:

    Dream on,

    and read up on “Price skimming”. Besides, we don’t want Mangagamer to share the fate of Hirameki.

    • Yagami says:

      Mangagamer don’t be share the fate of fucking Hirameki u_u
      Who had to gonna share it is the stupid JAST USA u.u

      • sloanereinja says:

        Given how often we find your name (and IP) showing up on various sites linking to pirated copies of our games, Yagami, maybe you should consider encouraging people to BUY THEM rather than posting well meaning but ultimately empty words here and pointing people to illegal downloads elsewhere.

        For everyone who is buying our games…we love you guys. Your support makes the hours we pull trying to get these things done for you worth (quite a bit of) the pain we go through to turn them around. We sure aren’t doing it because it’s an easy, sit back and slack job (he said after editing game scripts for 11 hours straight…)

  4. Classical says:

    Well, after playing the Suika A.S+ demo, I decided to take advantage of the sale and buy it before it ended.

  5. cody says:

    I hope koihime comes out during this sale XP

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