Kira Kira All Ages

With many people asking for it, we are finally proud to offer the All-Ages version of Kira Kira for PC!

This version of Kira Kira is an All-Ages port of the original. There has been no new or additional content added. This all-ages version offers all but the sex scenes which were present in the original and contains only slight modifications to the original text to account for the scenes which were removed. This all-ages port of Kira Kira will be available at 29.99 Euros, 7 Euros less than the original adult-only version.

For those who have already purchased and enjoyed the original Kira Kira, we thank you for your continued support. For those who have yet to purchase either version, we welcome you to choose whichever version you would prefer and hope that you enjoy one of the greater games offered on our current lineup. For those who are too young to enjoy the original Kira Kira, we hope you will purchase the new all-ages version and enjoy one of Overdrive’s great works.


12 Responses to Kira Kira All Ages

  1. Yagami says:

    I prefer in 1000000000… the original version,meanwhile I don’t buy this version u.u

  2. Vatina says:

    Well, I definitely support this. I like that Mangagamer might be trying to appeal to both sides in the future – giving the choice is a definite plus for me.
    At least this release became an instant buy for me.

  3. kouryuu9 says:

    Now something I’ve been wondering, is how many people would be interested in an All-Ages version of the sequel, Kira Kira Curtain Call? The original only has… 1.5 ero-scenes if you ask me, so I thought it might be plausible. What about you guys? Is there interest in one?

  4. Vodka says:

    If the release is simultaneous with original, and again, cheaper… Sure, I’d buy it. It’s not like I read these things for ero.
    But then again, 6 euros of a difference in price isn’t that big. I guess it depends whether you want ANN visitor crowd as potential customers.

    Also Yagami, please stop this. Before Soul Link release you were whining about basically everything, which I’d be perfectly fine with if it wasn’t for the fact that AFTER RELEASE YOU WERE ASKING FOR DOWNLOAD LINK AT KUREHA’S FORUM.
    Dear god, people like you make me sick. Have you bought ANY MangaGamer releases?

    • gaudy6523 says:

      He likely doesn’t. He’s a regular “contributer” on a brazilian eroge pirating blog. All he does it whine like a little girl about everything not to his liking and claims he will not be buying when he doesn’t buy in the first place…

  5. /\ says:

    Absolutely. For various reasons, I’ve been uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing eroge over the Internet (and thus passed on MangaGamer’s previous releases). However, the all-ages version of Kira Kira was an instant purchase.

  6. Jikap says:

    Uhh… is there a way to switch from the 18+ version to the all ages version without having to buy the game a second time? ^^;

    (probably not, lol )

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